About NB Effingham

Ex British Waterways Admiral Class Built 1959 By Issac Pimblott & Sons At Northwich No 111

Built for work in the North West, Effingham was one of the first boats to be built with a length of 6ft 10″ (Dimensions- 71’4” x 6’10 1/2” x 4’3”) This allowed her to pass through bulging locks, which were waiting to be rebuilt.

Effingham’s boat class was the last to be built alongside traditional lines, having evolved from “county” class boat design which were never built.

She is believed to be the last ‘family cabin’ traditional motor to be built, despite British Waterways intending to do away with the family boat system. The Cabin was approved for 3 adults, or 2 adults and 2 children!

The use of modern fittings contributed to the welfare of the boating family, together with a hold designed to be accessed or covered in shorter time than traditional former crafted designs.

Effingham was considered to be modern, compared with other craft, having opening portholes, toilet and electric lighting throughout. The hold was covered in cloths laid over hoops and secure with chocks. The hull design is a hydroconic curved bluff bow.

This unique design allowed the vessel to carry a maximum load on a badly maintained canal. The idea was to create a bow wave which forced water past the craft therfore lifting the boat and assisting the prop. British Waterways operated the boats until leasing them to the Anderton Canal Carrying Co.

Originally she was powered by Parsons Merganser air cooled 2 cylinder diesel 20hp @ 1500 r.p.m. This was replaced in 1975 with a Lister HR2.